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We’re Entitled to Title I

October 19, 2017

Did you know that your Elementary student may be eligible for free support services through Hillsborough County School District? Yes, I said free! As a private school in Florida, qualifying HTLS students are entitled to receive Title I services. So what is Title I and how do you know if your student qualifies? In Hillsborough County, 90 of the public Elementary Schools are identified as Title I schools. If the public school your home address is zoned for is one of these 90 schools, your student is eligible for services.

Ok, so now that we know who is eligible, what exactly are these services and how can they help your child? Hillsborough County has a contract with Catapult Learning, LLC to provide qualified and experienced teachers to deliver Title I services for Reading and Math. Administrators (that’s me!) meet with their assigned Catapult teacher to determine which of the students are address eligible for services. From there, the teachers make recommendations as to whether the qualifying students show academic need and could use the extra help in the subject areas covered by Title I. Our current teacher, Beth Kellar, is in her 3rd year at Holy Trinity and also happens to be a parent of one of our Tiny Tigers! Parents of eligible students are given consent forms for services and after those have been returned, Mrs. Kellar can begin to work with the students twice per week. The students work in groups by grade and/or skill level, and activities are age appropriate and fun! Mrs. Kellar also keeps communication open with the classroom teacher and the administration to ensure that focus is placed on areas in which students need the most growth.

If you are interested in learning any more details about Title I, you can visit the following website, or contact me at [email protected].

Energized? Enthusiastic? Empowered? Equipped? We sure are! Fourteen Holy Trinity staff members recently spent 3 days at the FLGA District President’s Equip Conference with over 700 fellow attendees. Have you ever heard 700+ people singing Amazing Grace together?? It was truly an uplifting experience. The staff joined together to hear inspiring keynote speakers that encouraged us in our work in God’s mission field and urged us to keep reaching out to God’s people. During the conference there were 5 workshop sessions in which the staff could choose the topic most meaningful to them. The great thing about this set-up is that because the staff chose different sessions, they all have different things to share with each other. Each staff member was touched in different way by this experience and brought back wonderful ideas and new energy for our school. Here are some of the highlights shared by the staff:

  • This year's conference was excellent! The breakout session, "Sharing Your Faith with the Homeless" was transformative. I learned that many people are spiritually homeless. Identifying the needs of the heart is more crucial than identifying tangible needs. Sharing Jesus and scripture in addition to meeting immediate needs, provides the Holy Spirit an opportunity to work and transform lives. Jesus is always the game changer!
-Ms. Russell, VPK Teacher

  • What a great conference! I learned many great ideas to apply to our kindergarten curriculum! The bonus was spending special time with our HTLS faculty who are such wonderful people.
- Mrs. Mitchell, Kindergarten Teacher

  • A favorite quote from keynote speaker Erik Dellenback, CEO of Tim Tebow Foundation. “We are unimpressive, but we have an impressive and awesome God who is for us!”
-Mrs. Alfonso, Tiny Tigers Teacher

  • Even though “the future is no longer that it used to be”, we have to stand firm and build our Christian faith because it is our future, not just our past, that affects our present.
-Mrs. Hidremichael, Tiny Tigers

  • Ms. Larson, 2nd Grade teacher, was excited about new ideas for student led chapels as well as for the time spent laughing, talking and sharing with the staff.

Not Your Standard Sandwich

September 20, 2017

With the start of each new school year, not only do teachers dust off their desks and supplies, but they also open up their files and plan for what is ahead the next year. One of the ways that the teachers at Holy Trinity Lutheran School (HTLS) organize and prioritize what to teach is by looking at the Florida Standards.

Why use standards?

Our hope at HTLS is that students will not only learn what is necessary for their grade level, but that they walk away with a strong academic foundation. Using the Florida Standards allows us to ensure that students will leave our school prepared for what is ahead. Additionally, standards are a great way for teachers on various grade levels to align their objectives and lessons to allow for continuity.

How do we use standards?

At HTLS, the Florida Standards are adapted to fit with the philosophy of the school and are used in the way that our teachers feel will be most beneficial to the students in their classroom. Think about making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Some of us might put peanut butter on one side and jelly on the other, while others might place peanut butter on both sides and jelly in the middle. Either way, the end result is the same: a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Likewise, a teacher whose goal is to teach students how to multiply might have a unique approach to teach that skill, but she will have achieved the goal for teaching that topic. Our teachers use many tools in addition to the standards to design and structure lessons that will prepare our students for the various journeys God has in store for them.

Have you already stopped hearing about The Great American Eclipse that occurred last week Monday? If you’d listen in to the fourth grade room, you’d hear a lot about the eclipse still today! This may be partly because the HTLS fourth graders got to witness the eclipse along with approximately 5,000 other celestial thrill-seekers at the Tampa Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) on August 21.

“There were a lot of people there looking at the eclipse on TV, through glasses, boxes, and the pinhole projectors that we got to make,” said Faith Neil, HTLS fourth grader. “And there were really nice people there that gave us their glasses to look through.” The glasses sure did make the experience “more real” for the whole class. Now don’t get me wrong; the pinhole projectors and boxes provided a great illustration of what was going on up in the sky. Both tools even helped us discover that if we made a small circle with our fingers, we could view the eclipse on the ground without the pinhole projectors. But, nothing could compare to slipping those dark glasses over our eyes and gazing up at the real deal: the moon eclipsing the mighty sun!

It was amazing to see the wonders that God created dancing in the sky that day. Everyone agreed that having a little less sunlight around 2:59 pm, when Tampa experienced about an 81% solar eclipse, was a real treat. But, that didn’t top the well-needed and delicious treat of an ice cream cone on the trip back from MOSI.

By Rhea Ramey, HTLS Parent

Pack your backpacks! This next school year’s adventure is about to begin. New ideas to explore, old friends to share summer stories with. So much will be familiar, and so much will be new! In fact, there will be two new elementary teachers joining the Holy Trinity family this fall and we can’t wait!

Katherine Larson will begin with us as a 2nd grade teacher. She has been teaching for the past 16 years since earning a BS in Elementary Education, with a minor in Physical Education, from Concordia University in Nebraska. Kathy loves sports, especially basketball, football, and volleyball and is an athlete herself. In fact, one of her recent students entered her in a triathlon as a birthday gift. “I’m glad that I did it, that I finished, and I wasn’t in last place!,” she says. Kathy decided at a young age that she would be a teacher. In fact, her second grade teacher was one of the biggest influences on the person and educator she has become. “Her philosophy was to be firm, but loving.” Kathy still keeps in touch with her former teacher and seeks her advice often. Having a strong mentor, someone you can go to for support as a student and as an individual is so important. We are lucky to have that in Kathy! And, did you know she is a Holy Trinity alumnus?! Welcome back!

Katherine Vogel will begin her teaching career here at Holy Trinity teaching 3rd grade. She is a recent graduate, with a BS in Elementary Education from Concordia University as well. Her interests include reading, spending time outdoors, and travel! She’s frequently combined her love of education and travel by traveling to China and Las Vegas to teach. Katherine comes from a family of teachers, therefore always knew she wanted to do the same. Her grandmother had a tremendous influence on her as she shared incredible stories from her own career. “I believe that no person is the same. God created each of us to be unique individuals. Therefore, not all students learn the same. The ways we learn are never wrong, just different!” Katherine loves seeing that moment of recognition when a student truly understands something new in the classroom, or when they become empowered by an experience outside of the classroom.

Individualized student attention and developing well rounded minds, hearts, and spirits are our priority here at Holy Trinity Lutheran School. All of our teachers embody this philosophy. Our new teachers are as excited as you are to see what the upcoming school year brings! So, when you meet them, don’t forget to say hello!

“The New Is Here!”

August 11, 2017

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” - 2 Corinthians 5:17

Well, here we are, back to school for the start of another amazing year. The beginning of the school year has always been my favorite time of the year. It’s so exciting to see the classrooms transformed into new and engaging learning environments. The teachers never cease to amaze me with the creative themes they use to make everything new each year. Have you seen those rooms??? They are amazing! Just to highlight a few, this year’s Kindergarten room is a woodland animal paradise, Ms. Larson’s “Little Monsters” rule 2nd grade and Ms. Hemmann’s 4th grade is a nature lover’s delight.

It’s not only the classrooms that look bright and shiny new at the beginning of the year. We have new teachers in our midst, new students, a new grade added (whoop, whoop 4th grade!), and a new blog!

That’s right! You are reading the very first “HTLS Paw Print” blog post. We are excited for this new way of sharing information about our wonderful, growing school. You’ll see posts from administration, teachers, Pastor Andy, special guests and even from the students. Be sure to follow the blog and share it with your friends. Stay tuned for our next post about our brand new Elementary Teachers.